MOVIE REVIEW: See 'The Watch' This Weekend With Friends

Ben Stiller. Vince Vaughn. Jonah Hill. Richard Ayoade. Need I say more?

It’s not every day that you have a cast quite like this.

The Watch, written by Seth Rogen, stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade in an 1 hour, 45-minute joyride; it’s safe to say that comedy’s a given. However, director Akiva Schaffer manages to tie in a thriller-esque ambience to the movie which, coupled with a barrage of phallic jokes, makes it quite enjoyable.

The movie centers on the life of Evan (Stiller), a manager of a Costco in suburban Ohio. A hard-working man with extreme community morale, Evan prides himself on his dedication to teamwork and accountability. He therefore goes out of his way to accommodate each and every member of his community - whether that may be the Korean widow washing her car every other day or Antonio, the Mexican immigrant who patrols the night shift.

However, his life comes to a sudden halt when, one night, a disturbance occurs in Costco, and Antonio is found dead. Evan, distrusting the police, decides to form a neighborhood watch to avenge Antonio’s death and find his killer. Much to his chagrin, only three interested citizens show up. What ensues is a nightly session of male bonding, complete with a 6-pack of beer and “soccermom” van. Little do they know what they are getting themselves into, as they eventually come to realize that their town is the host city for an

Although parts of the movie seem sloppy, rushed, and irrelevant, The Watch can pride itself in bringing home the laughs. What makes this movie great isn’t the plot line or setting, it’s the chemistry of the group itself. The four members, all suburbanites, embody a different type of personality – all meshing to create a mixture of funny, badass, sexy, and honest. In the end, they find strength in themselves, and realize that while some problems can be solved individually, some require teamwork – and a kickass alien weapon to go with it.

I highly recommend people to go see The Watch this weekend. It isn’t a family movie, which means you probably shouldn’t bring along your kids, but the material isn’t all too offensive. Above all, it’s a good laugh you can enjoy with your friends.

Showtimes are: 11:55 | 2:25 | 5:05 | 7:35 | 10:00 at the 

For more information, call (949) 831-0446 or visit regencymovies.com

I give it 4 Patches out of 5.  



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