Attracting Luck on Friday the 13th? Yes, It's Possible

Here is a list of possible "lucky" charms that might help today, July 13.

It's Friday the 13th and while we all know this is not considered a lucky day, I thought I would check out my personal  for things having to do with luck. And as luck would have it, I have a book from 1923 by Elizabeth Villiers listing all kinds of things for luck. Here are a few suggestions to get us through the day.

It's said that gathering cherry blossoms is unlucky presumably because then you won't get the fruit. But having a  is quite lucky. If one's on your property it will bring good fortune to those living in the house and happy relationships, too.

Hot cross buns are a  decorated with a cross in icing. It's said that these magical buns would stay fresh for an entire year so were sometimes given for medicinal purposes (I wonder if I can get a doctor's note for that). It's also said they would protect your house from fire.

A picture of a on your wall (or perhaps the head itself) is said to bring success in business especially if the business involves education, writing, teaching, or diplomacy. It would probably work if your business is  and hunting, too.

Seeing a fox in your travels is said to bring luck in business where cunning and speed are necessary. I wonder if a counts?

Pearls, are said, to be made from the tears of oysters. In days past they were ground up and used for cures of everything from stomach trouble to lunacy. It's said that wearing pearls ensures that you won't be shedding any tears. And that you can wear pearls on any day except your wedding day.

A rosemary bush outside your door is said to aid memory and protect the house. In the language of flowers it signifies “remembrance” and is used to keep lovers together when they are separated by a distance.

And finally, it's said that the gemstone, , protects eyesight, “where if the eyes were rubbed with a sapphire it is said no harm would come to the sight.” Seems worth a try, and I did have a pair of lovely sapphire earrings catch my eye. It's working on my eyesight already.


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