Diary of a Dolphin: For This Senior, Spring Break Means 'STS'

Dana Hills High swimmer and water polo player Colleen McNaught shares her journal entry for the week ending April 2.

It’s the second-most exciting time of the school year; the time where every high school is liquidated for a period of five school days to soak up the sun and allow our brains to disengage from our studies.

Spring Break is ranked No. 2 against the infamous three-month academic escape known as summer. Palm Springs becomes infested with 17- and 18-year-olds ready to bask in the sunlight of freedom from homework, teachers and most importantly any sort of parental control.

I won’t be retreating to the beautiful Palm Springs with all my friends this Spring Break, but nonetheless you’ll find me letting loose on the Dana Hills pool deck where my three- hour swim practices await me. Cap tans and a 7 a.m. wake-up call are my extracurricular activities this break.

Thanks to the very popular slogan the MTV show "The Jersey Shore" has popularized, I decided to add my very own twist to it. Instead of the usual GTL (gym, tan, laundry) my daily routine for break will be STS, or more widely known as “swim, tan, sleep.”



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