35 Laguna Niguel Teachers May Lose Jobs

Educators at Aliso Niguel High School, five elementary schools and one middle school received layoff letters March 1.

Nearly three dozen teachers from , , , ,  and may not return this fall.

The chart below names the 35 Laguna Niguel teachers who received layoff notices dated March 1.

The teachers fall into three categories: Permanent, meaning they have tenure; rehired/temp, which means they were previously either permanent or in a probationary period and laid off, then later rehired as a temporary employee; and temporary, meaning they work on one-year contracts.

To read why the district finds itself in this bind, and how this year's laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past, .

Aliso Niguel High School   Name Year Hired    Status Grade/Subject Notes Jason Dale  2010 Temporary Math Stacy Davis 2011 Temporary Special Ed. Mild/Mod John Diebold 2005 Permanent Art
Sarah Gibson  2005 Rehired/temp Business Jeremy Golden 2011 Temporary English Lynda Grasso 2010 Temporary Physical Science Jason Harney 2004 Rehired/temp Music Alison Jax 2010 Temporary Math Karen Kavossi 2010  Temporary Special Ed. Mild/Mod Serena Lane 2010 Rehired/temp Math Manoj Mahindrakar  2009 Temporary Social Science Jason Mosier 2010 Temporary Physical Science Sharon Reidler 2011 Temporary English Dave Weinberg 2009 Temporary Music Crown Valley Elementary School   Jennifer Buckman  2010 Temporary Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Infant Speech Peggy Thomas Mackey  2010 Temporary Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Infant Seech
George White Elementary School   Kendra Dixon 2001 Rehired/temp Third Grade John S. Malcom Elemntary School   Kathryn Casperson  2010 Temporary Early Childhood Special Education Laguna Niguel Elementary School   Kelly Heard 2002 Rehired/temp Marian Bergeson Elementary School   Wendy Billman 2001 Rehired/temp Fourth Grade Kimberly Brooks  2011 Temporary Special Ed. Mod/Severe Niguel Middle School   Yeon Choi 2006 Rehired/temp Music Kylie Dul 2006 Temporary English Kari Fragassi 2002 Rehired/temp English, Social Science Jami-Lyn Kovac 2003 Rehired/temp Sixth Grade Math Jennifer Loftis 2001 Rehired/temp Sixth Grade Math Robert McArdle 2010 Temporary Special Ed. Mild/Mod



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