UPDATE: Davies Continues Lead in City Council Election Tally

Laguna Niguel and Dana Point City Council elections results.

This article will be updated regularly with reports from local campaigns and voting precincts. And be sure to check our live election results for the latest tallies.

Update 11:30 p.m.

Only four of 45 precincts are reporting with Laurie Davies leading, (7,360), 29.4 percent, followed by Jerry Slusiewicz, (6,189), 24.7 percent, Jerry McCloskey, (6,102), 24.3 percent, Brad Barber, (2,859), 11.4 percent, and Tony English, (2,560), 10.2 percent.

Update 10 p.m.

With four of 45 precinct returns tallied in Laguna Niguel, Laurie Davies maintains the lead in the three-seat City Council race with 29.4 percent, Jerry Slusiewicz at 24.7 percent, Jerry McCloskey 24.3, Brad Barber 11.4 percent and Tony English, 10.2 percent. 


In the three-seat City Council race in Laguna Niguel, Laurie Davies, Jerry Slusiewicz and Jerry McCloskey lead in the early tally for mail-in voters Tuesday night.

Davies has 29.4 percent of the vote, Slusiewicz, and McCloskey 24.4 percent, Brad Barber 11.4 percent, and Tony English 10.2 percent. However, the election is far too early to call because none of the precinct returns have been counted as of 9:25 p.m.

In the two-seat race, in Dana Point: 

Update 11:30 p.m.

Six of 30 the precincts returns have been counted: J. Scott Schoeffel (3,192) or 29 percent, Carlos N. Olvera, (2,938) and Norm Denton, (2,932), both at 26.7 percent, and Ed Stevenson, (1,935) at 17.6 percent.

Update 10 p.m:

With one of 30 precinct returns tallied, J. Scott Schoeffel is leading at 29 percent, followed by Norm Denton, 26.9, Carlos N. Olvera, 26.7, and Ed Stevenson, 17.4 percent.


J. Scott Schoeffel leads the early returns by 28 percent, followed by Carlos N. Olvera. 26.9 percent, Norm Denton, 26.8 percent and Ed Stevenson 17.6 percent. None of the Dana Point precincts have been counted as of 9:25 p.m.

Jeff Santoni November 07, 2012 at 05:54 AM
All candidates ... PLEASE PICK UP YOUR SIGNS now that the election is over. They are littered everywhere ...
Brad Barber November 07, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Jeff, in addition to my commitment to spend less than $1000 (which did not work in my favor) I also committed to pick up my signs. Fotunatley most of my signs where in front yards. I picked up all the signs that I personally placed. I am sure there are a few others that my friends and neighbors placed and I will pick them up as soon as I spot them this week. I am annoyed by all the signs as well !!


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