You Get What You Deserve

Voting, you get what you deserve.

We all have heard that refrain. As a kid when we got spanked we remember our mom's say that we got what we deserved. Well, as the election fast approaches we have an opportunity to determine exactly "What we deserve."

Do we deserve the highest sales tax in the nation? if we don't then you will vote NO on Proposition 30 and 38.

Do we deserve to have money taken out of our paychecks by the union masters so they can spend it campaigning for things we don't believe in. If we agree that is unfair and wrong then we will vote YES on Proposition 32.

Do we deserve to have convicted murders living a life of ease and comfort at our expense for the rest of their lives? if we agree they should be put to death then we have to vote NO to repeal the death penalty.

Do you deserve to have a person who has committed two violent crimes and then commits one note quite so serious to be truned loose on the streets? If you believe the 3 strikes law is just fine as it is then vote NO to change it.

Lastly, if you believe we don't deserve to have our freedoms taken away and the federal government rule what you can and cannot do. If you feel we don't deserve to have your monies re distributed to those who don't contribute. If you feel we don't deserve to have our president travel around the world apologizing for our country and it's greatness then you have to vote for Romney. It's the only thing our children deserve.

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