Up In The Sky ... Share Your Stories of Local Sightings

Patch invites readers to post and/or share their stories about what they have seen overhead around Laguna Niguel and Dana Point.

(Editor's Note: Patch has established this column for readers to add their stories of local sightings in our area of spotting the unknown. Please add your information here, or send it to Debbie.Sklar@patch.com to post. Keep it clean and fun.)

On Aug. 8 from reader Kim Bode: "Last night my daughter and I saw 2 white (but turned out to be orange when viewed through binoculars) shapes in the night sky (over Laguna Niguel).  In googling, I found your articles in the Patch. Do you know anything about these sightings last night?  I also came across a YouTube video someone has posted about this, but it is not clear what you are looking at. At first we saw 2 spheres in the sky, which disappeared.  Then about 10 minutes later one reappeared and disappeared and about 5-10 minutes after that the same one reappeared.  We also happened to hear a lot of the testing last night (the booms) that Camp Pendelton makes, so at first I thought it might be connected to that?"

: : We saw a huge orange ball of fire coming down last night.  It turned direction and disappeared. We did not know what it was.

A man reported that while parked on Aliso Creek Road, he and four other drivers witnessedin the sky. The caller called back, stating that the “UFOs” were actually lanterns with candles in them, but he still wanted police. The incident occurred on Sunday, Aug. 12 at 8:31 p.m. on Dorine Road/Aliso Creek Road, near the Souplantation.


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