Splattered Smoothie

Resident and student, Julia Moss, has a passion for writing poetry. Here is one she wrote this summer during the school break.

Splattered Smoothie

Me and my brother made a smoothie,

Enough for us each.

It had strawberries, bananas,

Ice, yogurt, and a peach.

Some orange juice was added,

And the ice was chopped just right,

And the skin was peeled off so perfectly,

That we wanted to take a bite!

But when my brother pushed the button

On the blender,

It all went wrong,

Because he forgot to put the top

Where it belonged.

So juice squirted in our faces,

And flew everywhere.

It splattered all over the walls,

And stuck to my hair.

All I could do,

Was give my brother a glare.

So we didn’t drink the smoothie

Out of the cups this time,

But who says licking the smoothie

Off each other was a crime?


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