Just How Far Will a Pizza Delivery Driver Go?

After a few obstacles, a delivery driver delivers on his promises and pays a visit to an unlikely location for one hungry writer.

We all know that neither snow or rain, heat nor the gloom of night will keep a mailman from delivering our parcels, right? But to what lengths will a pizza delivery driver go to serve a hot, delicious pizza? I decided to find out on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

The was my choice to put the pizza delivery driver to the test. It has more than 10 shelters for visitors to sit at and enjoy all of the amenities the park has to offer. 

Since the shelters are often used for picnics, it would be a reasonable place to have a pizza delivered, but first the driver would have to overcome some challenges.

The driver has to find the park. He will then have to pass through the gated entrance, which requires a $3 fee to bring a car into the park. Once inside, the driver would then have to find my shelter.

I made my first call to off of La Paz Road.  The manager answered the phone, and I explained to him where I needed the pizza delivered, and I was put on hold. After being on hold for  several minutes, he came back and told me that it would not be possible to deliver the pizza there unless he had an address. I gave him the address and explained to him that the park was just a stone's throw from his pizza parlor.

Unfortunately, after much frustration of not being able to deliver the pizza to an address that was different from my place of residence, the manager just hung up the phone.

My next choice was off of Crown Valley Parkway. I thought surely they would be able to bring me my pizza because their slogan is “Pizzas rush in where burgers fear to tread.” I called in at 11:54 a.m. and ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and explained to them my location. They told me the pizza would be there shortly.

At 12:20 p.m. I received a call from the delivery driver.

“I am going to be at the entrance to the park in three minutes,” said the delivery driver.

“Can you drive inside to bring me my pizza?” I asked.

“ I would have to pay a fee to get inside, so I cannot,” said the delivery driver.

I decided to push the driver to his limits and see if he would be willing to walk the pizza over to me.

“Can you park and walk the pizza to my shelter?” I asked.

He then explained to me that he was unfamiliar with the park and that it would be easier if I met him at the entrance.

I agreed on meeting him at the entrance, and once there I was handed a hot, fresh smelling pizza at 12:23 p.m. It took him only 29 minutes to deliver my pizza, which came as a surprise to me due to my location.

I drove back to my original location, sitting down on the park bench, and opened up my pizza. It was steaming fresh, and the cheese was melted perfectly on the pizza. The pepperoni was still sizzling as I took my first mouthwatering bite. The pizza was excellent, and I didn't have to go far to get it!


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