Healing the Post Traumatic Effects of 9/11

Sept. 11, 2011, is the 10-year anniversary of the tragic events that rocked a nation. While it has caused a lot of stress and anxiety, here are some healing tips to cope.

A Brief Reflection

“Elephant Crossing ~ Wise ones contemplating death, calling siren songs across the plains. Come home dear brothers. Come home my sisters. Sad lamentations wail against a weary walk. We hear your breath and footsteps falling, marching, marching, marching; fighting valiantly while the nation’s sleeping. We walk this path but for a short while, bearing the wisdom of the setting sun. Paying homage to life and mortality, like dust fading upon the earth.” D. L. Campbell

Today, we honor those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, their families, the survivors, the rescuers and those fighting the battle which they believe is to keep America safe. It is once again the anniversary of that surreal day. It feels like we were somehow caught in a tempest that continues now and persists.

I suppose we are trapped in a storm of sorts, one that has bound us together in stark pain and intense suffering. Today we stand mute in a low grade state of post traumatic stress. The full blown PTSD is a diagnosis given by a professional; however many Americans have suffered stress over the years related to 9/11.

Some of the effects include anxiety, replaying of the event, hypervigilence, changes in habits that you had before 9/11, nightmares, insomnia, physical symptoms such as stomach ache, intestinal issues, and palpitations, and many other issues. Stress and anxiety have been our plight since man's early beginnings as they are  necessary survival traits of our ‘flight or fight’ response.

Most people remember were they were on that fateful day and what they were doing. Others like myself who are intuitive remember the dreams and visions that preceded that day. So many people bound in our holographic existence; picked up signs of this event. None of our minds and spirits could comprehend the reality.

The positive effects are that it has brought the country together and connected brothers and sisters of all creeds in solemn reflection. It has invigorated a sense of caring about the nation and pushed some to become more active in community participation.

Those things are fine. Yet, I would be remiss in my writing if I simply mentioned the good. Sometimes, to heal one must peel back the wound to look deep within to find the truths that allow healing. Here we stand in the shadow of 10 years of wars which have yielded ‘bad guys.’ Yet still we fight on while our schools, roads, and national economy plummets. We bicker while the politicians spout their frenzied differences. Others find the boogey man in the form of gays, immigrants, the poor, women, minorities, the affluent or whomever may be required to wear what ever stigma refutes the fear. In that fear we have tossed out the very freedoms which were so hard fought.

We give way easily in those emotions to the lack of privacy, the right to fly in peace and the loss of individual rights. It is perhaps understandable to those who have been victims of crime. They know that fear can cause a paranoia of sorts. It is part of the trauma and a bit of our humanity. Now it is time to heal.

How to Heal

The first action in healing is to recognize the symptoms. Such a big tragedy will take a while to heal maybe a generation. Yes, there is stress and fear, but we are sovereign in our ability to fight and overcome things. If the anxiety has caused you to judge your brother look at that. If that emotion has caused you to have extreme stress find a counselor or someone to talk to about it.

Begin a plan for your wellness that may include exercise, reading, meditation, healthy eating, walking, , a new hobby or Join a . If stress has caused you to drink, gamble, take drugs, hang out or get in trouble on Facebook find a place to talk with others about it. If someone in your family or circle is suffering acknowledge that you see their pain and offer assistance if you are able. Let them know help is available. Actively seek that help.

Realize we are stronger than our fears. Our physical body has a survival button and it has been pushed by this event. Yet our body is a vehicle for our spiritual essence. An important healing tool in the face of is to connect to your spirituality. This is not necessarily the religious dogma but the philosophical teachings that tie us to the universe and our magnificence. Humanity is a balance of extremes and just as this act was cruel there is the opposite gift of beauty and love which exists within each of us. Let us give love the opportunity to shine.









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