Whales in Love? Rare Mating Grays Spotted Off Dana Point Coast [video]

Record-setting gray whales continue to appear off the Dana Point coast, and on Sunday they decided to get frisky.

About two miles from the coast, whale watchers from Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari spotted the lovemaking mammals on the morning tour.

The whales swam in a group of four—one male, three females, tour owner Gisele Anderson said.

Check out the video above.

Spotting whales involved in their mating rituals is rare this far from their Mexican mating lagoons, Capt. Dave Anderson said. He described the whales as twirling, rolling and breaching as tourists, a kayaker and curious bottlenose dolphins looked on.

"We often see pacific white-sided dolphin interacting with these whales but to have bottlenose dolphin was extraordinary," he said.


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