Five Ways to Commemorate Presidents Day

Enjoy a piece of cherry pie in the park.

Today is Feb. 21, Presidents Day, and in celebration of this federal holiday intended to honor all American presidents, including our first, George Washington, and our 16th, Abraham Lincoln, here are five things to help you mark the day. The federal holiday was originally implemented by an act of Congress in 1880.

1. Go out and splurge on a big slice of cherry pie at or pick one up at or

2. Be grateful you have another day to mail your bills since the will be closed.

3. You can't cash your paycheck because all of the are closed today.

4. The kids will be home from school, so take them to a to get some fresh air and enjoy the day.

5. Place a few $1 bills with old George's image in the piggy bank for safe keeping. Grab all of your $5 bills with the 16th President Abraham Lincoln's mug front and center, and add them to the rainy day fund.


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