Boats Being Damaged at Laguna Niguel Lake

A fishing boat was allegedly stolen from the docks at the facility that rents fishing boats in late June and another was returned scuffed. Damages could exceed more than $2,000, according to management.

Something is fishy at and it's not at the end of a hook.

On June 22, representatives of the company that rents fishing equipment, boats and more at the lake located at the 28200 block of La Paz, reported one of its boats was stolen from the docks. Trespassers allegedly used their own batteries and motor to drive the boat away in the middle of the night. The rented fishing boats are not equipped with either pieces of equipment, according to manager Kheia.

"After poaching fish, they abandoned the boat wherever and left. Our boat was recovered but damaged," she said. "We filed a police report and we also have surveillance footage involving about five to six gentlemen. We intend to prosecute any trespassers and will continue to monitor all areas with surveillance cameras."

She said another fiberglass boat was scuffed, and filled with mud on a separate occasion. The cost to repair the damaged boat could exceed $2,000, and doesn't "include the loss of income we face not being able to rent it out," she said.


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