Man Doesn't Need an Alert System, Has Dog

This dog called Zeus alerts its owner every time an emergency test goes off with its own high-pitched siren. A Laguna Niguel veterinarian says this is not that unusual.

This is a test of the Emergency Alert System .... or in this case, this black Labrador called Zeus gives its owner a real earful.

Every Wednesday at noon the emergency warning system gets tested at his house in more ways than one.  

However, this high-pitched sound is not uncommon for a dog to make, says Laguna Niguel-based veterinarian,

"It is quite common for dogs to howl in response to a siren or loud noise. Wolves howl back and forth to communicate over long distances. Sometimes, our man-made noises resemble wolf or dog howls and the dog responds," said Wahl who has been practicing in Laguna Niguel for almost three decades.


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