Halloween Aftermath: Do You Know Where Your Kids Were?

The holiday is over, but many neighborhoods in Laguna Niguel were covered with remnants from "All Hallows Eve," a night of goblins and ghouls on Thursday. However, Lt. Andy Ferguson said nothing out of the ordinary was reported.

Halloween has come and gone, but some neighborhoods in Laguna Niguel were covered with remnants from "All Hallows Eve," a night of goblins, and ghouls on Thursday. 

From smashed pumpkins and broken bottles to candy wrappers blocking drains to the ocean, the holiday was clearly a celebrated one.

However, despite next-day messes, Lt. Andy Ferguson, chief of police services, said there was "nothing out of the ordinary reported on Halloween."

"It was a pretty quiet night," he said late Thursday afternoon. "Candy wrappers and smashed pumpkins are the norm. I think it was quiet because it fell in the middle of the week. It's also the sign of the times that you don't let small kids go out alone without parents."


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