Famed Comic Book Illustrator Returns to Laguna Niguel

James Silvani, a former resident, stopped by Nuclear Comics & Skate Shop for a signing and to plug "Darkwing Duck."

Famed comic book creator and illustrator James Silvani paid a visit to recently in Laguna Niguel to sketch and sign cartoon books.

He has provided cover artwork for BOOM Studios' Muppet titles including  Muppet King Arthur and Muppet Snow White. Another fan favorite is Darkwing Duck, a Disney character from the 1990s who returned to the world of comic books in June 2010.

You think of teenagers as the ones getting in line for comic books. But a majority of visitors were adults who were well versed in his books. 

Silvani is a former resident of Laguna Niguel and lives in Hawaii.

Guests had pleasant conversations with Silvani, who appeared to be having a good time, too. In fact, some visitors bought more books and re-entered the signing line just to talk to the illustrator again.


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