Did You See the UFO Over Dana Point? This Couple Did ...

The Laguna Niguel/Dana Point area has long been a hotbed of UFO sightings for some yet-to-be-determined reason -- are the Real Housewives of Orange County an interplanetary phenomenon? Do the ladies' plastic surgeries make them look like alien beings?

Regardless, a new sighting report from July 5 was recently filed with flying saucer tracker site mufon.com. The report states that a man and his girlfriend were sitting on their Dana Point deck chatting around midnight, when ....

".... we both noticed a very bright light (gold in color) in a south/southwest direction from our point of view. As we are both associated with the aeronautical business we knew immediately it was not a commercial aircraft. The light was extremely bright and after several seconds over viewing it, a second light of the same color appeared to the right of it. The two lights appeared to come closer to our location but it would stop and hover. There was no sound. The two lights then turned into a row of several angled lights (4-6). It appeared to us the object was banking and flying in a direction of higher altitude. It was soundless and the lights began blinking until it simply went dark."

They snapped a few cellphone photos, which we're posting here. As you can see they're the typical fuzzy blobs of UFO sightings -- but maybe you saw what they saw, and have some better shots? Or -- better yet! -- you're a space alien yourself? Please let us know, we can always use some new bloggers ...

The full report can be viewed here on ufostalker.com.

Michael Lewendon July 17, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Michael Lewendon 1 minute ago fulminology is why they wont admit to UFOs using the free clean energy for galactic travel and solving all your energy crisis, its free? nobody needs to die, it cost nothing,you earthlings need to unite in using and exploring this energy, i was sent back here to educate you all,greenpeace why don't they spend their millions on this free clean energy? soon you will all see videos taken of a huge spaceship powered by using the energy from thundery clouds? 11th September 2004 Reading Berks England
Shirley July 17, 2013 at 08:16 PM
DRAT the luck, I missed them AGAIN! Michael you just got off that space ship, huh?


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