Lórien Eck
The artist creates unique mixed media paintings that are rich in texture, color, light, sparkle, and dimension.  Her 2011 work is inspired by images captured through the Hubble Space Telescope.  "Each painting is a one-of-a-kind creation, preserving the touch of the hand and the pure energy of spirit," says Eck.  Her inspiration comes from the quest for beauty, truth and the Divine in all beings and things. Her artistic background is working in a variety of mediums from photography to textiles to oil on canvas to most recently mixed media on paper and canvas.  Her work has been shown at haleARTS S P A C E in Santa Monica, Whole Foods Market Venice, The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, SUNY Potsdam in New York, 848 Community Space in San Francisco, as well as various other venues and public spaces.  She has spent the last 10 years teaching art to inner city children and is now focusing on her own fine art career.  Her artwork is dedicated to the loving memory of her sister Alisa Diane Eck. Ms.Eck is currently working on collections that are inspired by brain research, mythology, Jungian psychology, and environmental themes.  Her intention through creating art is to encourage hope, healing, and an experience of one’s inner world of beauty and stillness.  Her work questions the concept of beauty, the cosmos, the Divine, the creative process, light, the environment and the interaction between these concepts and aspects of life.  Her work celebrates life and the soul’s journey through life. She resides and maintains an art studio in Santa Monica, California.  For more, go to: www.lorieneck.com
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