Casey Stark
I am a dreamer.  A constant optimist...and an idealist.  I love my children and family with a love that sometimes blows my mind its so deep..I love the sound of laughter in my house, I love trying to outcook my mother in law (which is impossible, so its a good thing we love cooking together), and I love gardening, picking fresh tomatoes off the vine or apricots off the tree for a fresh pie.  I love Lucas the Dog, Oliver the Cat, and butterflies.  I grew up from age 3-7 in two foster homes, so I suppose this is why family is so important to me.  I am so grateful to God for my life, for helping make my dreams come true.  For challenging me to rise above obstacles that brought me to my knees - which is truly the only place where you really get answers.  I believe everyone has a purpose, a reason for being here, and I thank you and God bless you if you have read this far!  MORE TO COME!
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