'June' The Gray Whale Freed on Friday in Northern California

Another gray whale called "Bart" was also entangled but was successfully freed thanks to a local Dana Point-based captain and team.

A gray whale that got tangled up in a nylon line off Orange County's coast was freed today, according to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.

The whale, nicknamed June, was freed from about 120 feet of rope by a group of fishermen with the Spud Point Crab Company off the coast of Bodega Bay in Northern California, the PMMC's Melissa Sciacca said.

Rescue workers from the center were able to free the whale from some of the line that was , but when it got too dark to keep pursuing the whale, they had to give up the chase.

More Gray Whale Trouble

In late March another gray whale dubbed "Bart" was also tangled but off the Dana Point coastline, according to Donna Kalez, manager of Dana Wharf & Sportfishing. Click her to see the amazing video.

Bart, a juvenile gray whale was found with its peduncle entangled in line and dragging a net, thanks to the incredible efforts of various members of a disentanglement team.

According to Kalez dramatic 24-hour whale rescue to remove 50-feet of netting had a supportive team that included Capt. Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari based at the harbor, and many volunteer members.

June Safe

As for the gray whale June, on Friday the rescue workers managed to attach two floats to the 40-foot whale so it could be spotted later.

The fishermen also removed the two floats that confirmed it was the same whale, Sciacca said.

"We are so thrilled that the rescue that was started was able to be finished and have such a happy ending," Sciacca said. "We give congratulations to the team up north who did such a fantastic job in freeing June from that last bit of debris that was keeping her from swimming normally."

When the whale was freed, it showed "obvious signs of gratitude," according to Tony Anello, chief executive of the Spud Point Crab Company.

— City News Service


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