The Laguna Niguel City Council Should Smoke Pot Instead of Power

Medical marijuana freedoms threatened by the Laguna Niguel City Council.

So you’re against smoking marijuana? That’s probably a good thing. Smoking pot is probably a pretty stupid thing to do for recreation. But, if you ever had to have chemotherapy and could not eat, or if you suffered from other medical conditions that have been proven treatable using marijuana, you may feel differently.

The city of Laguna Niguel has waged a against a medical marijuana dispensary using zoning laws post hoc. It has been battling since early last year. The City Council voted unanimously to bring this action. The court date keeps coming up and then the city causes it to be delayed. This tactic costs the business owner money every time and seems to be designed to close him down using legal extortion techniques.

But the question really is this; ? I think it is completely ridiculous. The state has deemed this operation legal, and the owner has followed all the details of the law. Yet, the city feels it has the right to spend our funds to legally extort this local business out of existence.

On a higher philosophical view, is it really that absurd that in the United States of America, (the land of the free), that a person should be able to decide for themselves if they want to Wait, I know, what about the children? There was a study done that showed the amount of money spent on the so called “war on drugs,” (which is really a war on people), would be enough to put a full time security guard on each child under 18 years old to keep them away from marijuana.

I have heard some people say, “yeah, but I really don’t care about this issue.”

We tend not to care about the freedoms of other people until the freedoms we treasure are taken away. I suspect that many people feel like me on this issue but to stand up for freedom regarding marijuana is embarrassing. Just because we may think smoking marijuana is stupid, or even morally wrong, doesn’t mean we should shrink back from the larger issue of freedom from city government hacks who are high from the smoke of their power.

Dear city leaders: stop the corrupt and immoral attempt to extort your political agenda on us taxpayers.  

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Leonard Kinkade September 27, 2012 at 04:35 AM
It is my understanding that most people in the world who ingest marijuana do so in a liquid, similar to the way we drink English tea, rarely do they smoke it. Additionally, it is also my understanding that one marijuana cigarette has the same lung contaminates as smoking ten regular cigarettes. Why, if smoking cigarettes is so bad for you, would anyone promote smoking Marijuana. Marijuana, unlike alcohol, actually can get stored in the body, normally in the body's fatty tissue, and a person can become under the influence of the drug, when a traumatic incident occurs and the fat glands release the stored marijuana up to six months later, even though on that day they had not smoked marijuana at all. Not a great scenario at the scene of a traffic accident!


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