VIDEO: Curious Blue Whales Within Reach of Whale Watcher

Passengers and crew were privy to some mighty "rare" behavior of some inquisitive blue whales in Dana Point recently.

Recently, whale watching passengers aboard Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point said they experienced some of the most breathtaking blue whale encounters ever seen.

Blue whales, animals that are larger than the largest dinosaur, repeatedly approached the boat, which was stopped, and circled within arm's reach of excited passengers and crew this past week.

They turned on their sides, displaying pectoral fins and partial tail flues, and even seemed to "smile" at everyone on board. The whales swam beneath the catamaran's "Eye-Spy Dolphin" and whale nets, putting them directly under everyone on board's feet, according to the crew.

The inquisitive behavior of the blue whales is very rare, according to Capt. Tom Southern, who has been with the outfit for 12 years, and who said: "He has never witnessed anything like this before."


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