Wave Check Wednesday

Looking a little stormy!!

Waking up with the waves on Wednesday, I'm Surf Junkie Jeff with your Laguna Niguel Patch surf report.  Well, if you can find somewhere protected by the variable south wind then it might be worth grabbin a quick session.  Overall, we're seeing a decent dose of energy, but many spots are a bit bumpy and disorganized.

There's a mix of some west northwest ground and windswell and a little south southwesterly energy in the water.  That recipe is making for some crumbly and bumpy lines, with maybe a few workable ones. 

Most spots in along this stretch of coast are running about knee- to chest-high, with the focal points pulling a few larger sets.

At 7:15 this morning the tide pushes way up to a 6.3 high, which isn't helping things either.  Many breaks will be pretty swamped or even a bit back-washy throughout mid-morning.  The tide then drains out to a negative 1.2 low at 2:14 this afternoon.

If you're really in need of a salt water bath, break out at least a 3/2 fullsuit or better yet a 4/3 and maybe the booties, with the water temperature hanging between 56 and 57 degrees.  Good luck out there!!

FYI .. O.C. health officials urge surfers and swimmers to stay out of the water after a rain due to increased bacteria levels for at least 72 hours, especially near storm drains and river mouths.


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