Diary of a Dolphin: Getting Paid for Doing What You Love

Dana Hills senior water polo player and swimmer Colleen McNaught shares her journal for the week ending April 26.

With the closure of the school year nearing, every senior at Dana Hills High has the countdown of days till graduation commences written on their binder. Some students have gone as far as calculating the exact hours, minutes and seconds till that final bell rings. Last time I checked on my calendar, we have about 39 days till Dana Hills becomes a thing of the past.

Lately the most common word spewing out of every 18 year olds mouth is the word “job”! The whole school is buzzing with the word. Even during tutorial you can find students filling out applications to Beach Cities Pizza, Laguna Surf N’ Sport, Killer Dana and the very popular Yogurt Land. I could never imagine myself being a waitress at a restaurant or sweeping the toppings off the floor at a yogurt place, so I decided to apply in a different field. For my job this summer you’ll find me poolside teaching young kids their first swim strokes and how to throw a water polo ball.

With the help of my water polo club coach I’ve been hired to be a swimming instructor and a polo coach. I’ll be making 10 bucks an hour to share my passion for the sport I love and pass it on to aspiring water polo players.


Molly Wilbur April 28, 2011 at 04:06 PM
You inspire me <333
Molly Wilbur April 28, 2011 at 04:07 PM
hehehehe :)


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