Dana Hills Girls Varsity Tennis Crush El Toro 17-1

Lady Dolphins continue to show their strength and depth with their win over Lady Chargers.

(Editor's Note: Thanks to reader Sue Ludwig for sending in this report.)

Sept. 25

The Lady Dolphins arrived at El Toro High School without their top six starters, but that did not stop them from dominating El Toro and coming up with a 17-1 win.  Coach Green stated: "I know the depth of this team and felt confident that any of these girls would play tough and I was confident we would come up with a win today."

Especially impressive was sophomore Mona Mosavi, who was very impressive in tryouts and continues playing at a high level every time that she takes the court.

Coach Green stated: "It's great to see the younger girls get out there and do so well, clearly Mona has been putting in a lot of hard work and it shows."  Against El Toro,  Mona swept at number three singles 6-3, 6-1, 6-0.

Up next, Dana Hills will take on San Clemente for a home match, Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Dana Hills Girls Varsity Tennis vs. El Toro at El Toro High School



Singles:  Gressa Sempre(DH) def. A. Glick(ET) 6-0, def. A. Patleson 6-0, Rachel McGrath(DH sub) lost to L. Paglialonga(ET) 5-7;  Karlee Budge(DH) 6-0, 6-1, 6-0;  Mona Mosavi(DH) 6-3, 6-1, 6-0.

Doubles:  Rebecca Gold-Katie Olson(DH) def. Shannon Jones-M. Kumar(ET) 6-3, Sabine Ludwig-Emillie Allen(DH sub) def. M. Van Alut-E. Graham(ET) 6-0, Claire Swift-April Schultz(DH sub) def. K. Lee-J. Banila(ET) 6-0; Bailey Sholder-Jen Emerson(DH) 6-1, Emily Millspaugh-Courtney Reid(DH sub) 6-1, Sholder-Emerson 6-0.


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