2K Pounds Rainbow Trout Stocked In Laguna Niguel Lake

Another stocking will be on Tuesday for your fishing pleasure.

Laguna Niguel Lake is once again filled with fish and ready to be caught.

The big trout of the week was caught by Shane Doyle of Huntington Beach with a 5-pound, 3-ounce that hit an orange power worm jigged off the bottom at three pipes via float tube.

Mallory Howe of South Pasadena weighed in a 5-pound trout that she caught soaking rainbow power bait off a boat in the flats.

Kathy Nishida of Laguna Niguel topped off her 5 fish limit with a 4-pound, 10-ounce trout that chewed a green 'trout king' jig in the flats off a boat.   

Due to Mt. Lassen not showing up last Sunday and again Tuesday, trout fishing slowed down for a few days until the lake's new supplier arrived with fish on Thursday.

Lots of happy people were treated to a fantastic trout bite as soon as the trout were stocked. Many 5-fish limits of trout averaging 2 to 3 pounds in size have been recorded in the past few days.

Shore anglers are doing well soaking different colored power bait and inflated night crawlers dipped in garlic scent. Fly fisherman are hammering down on fish in the flats using tiger midges, blood midges and grey bead heads in 10 feet of water.


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