Oldest School in City Honors Mara Steves

Crown Valley Elementary School has a special bench in its courtyard to remember Steves, who died Feb. 13 after being hit by a car.

More than seven months after her is still making news.

—the oldest school in the city at more than 40 years old—recently installed a special circular bench in Steves’ name. Her two teenagers attended  as children, but Steves has ties to Crown Valley, too, said Lori Preijers.

“Mara was working in our office as our new front office lady,” said Preijers, a local mother and recording secretary for the school's PTA.

True, Steves had , however, “she was happy to help other schools,” Preijers said.

"She was so involved with Bergeson and doing its carnival, so, I started speaking with her about our event, the . She was so excited about doing stuff like that; she gave me some great ideas.”

The wooden bench circles a large tree and is located in the center of the school’s courtyard. There is also a plaque mounted on the bench bearing Steves’ name. It simple states: "In Loving Memory of Mara Steves." Both were made possible by the

Steves was killed near her home when a car ran a red light and struck her as she was kneeling curbside with a dog she had rescued. , 27, was arrested on May 25 in connection with the accident. He is currently being held on a $5-million bond. A pre-trial conference for Hall will be held Nov. 17.

“We did this to honor a wonderful woman who touched our school,” Preijers said.


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