Time Capsule Unearthed at Marian Bergeson Anniversary Festival

The school invited its namesake, dug up the capsule, and celebrated 25 years on Friday with more than 800 present.

Twenty-five years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in The Terminator, Clara Peller asked, "Where's the beef?" and Marian Bergeson Elementary in Laguna Niguel was founded.  

On Friday, more than 300 friends, guests, Bergeson alumni and current educators were present to help celebrate the school's 25th anniversary. Bergeson school originally met at Crown Valley Elementary and Niguel Hills Middle School until the building was completed in 1988. 

Also making an appearance was the school's namesake, the real Marian Bergeson, the first woman elected to the California Assembly and the California Senate. Bergeson, who also served as the California Secretary of Education was the guest speaker. Also present, Capistrano Unified School Board President, Gary Pritchard.

"We are so proud of the fact that Bergeson Elementary School has been a pillar of light within our community for the past 25 years," said Principal Barbara Scholl, now in her fifth year. "It was an amazing community event. About 3/4 of the crowd was current school families and 1/4 were alumni. It was such a joy to see them all together, connected by a common thread, Bergeson Elementary School."

Guests also had the chance to look at the items that were dug up from a time capsule buried in 1989. 

"Each class made projects to put in the capsule back in 1989. Some classes created collages by cutting newspaper and magazine clippings. Some classes made predictions of what this year would be like. Some students drew self portraits. There was a video tape and cassette tapes which we haven't listened to yet," Scholl said. 


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