Mara Steves: Still in Our Hearts

The 48-year-old woman was killed a year ago Sunday, after corralling a dog near her Laguna Niguel home when two cars collided.

Feb. 13 will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of beloved resident, mother, wife and friend

Steves' death made national news as she was trying to rescue a dog at the time of the accident. She received a posthumous award from  for her act of kindness.

Adam Harrison Hall Still in Jail

, 27, of Placentia, who allegedly had 10 drugs and medications in his system at the time of the crash, he was charged with murder and DUI in the deadly collision. He was  and remains in jail. 

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Hall on Tuesday. Other hearings has been postponed numerous times since his arrest.

Authorities spent more than three months investigating the crash and on Aug. 2, in the February collision that killed Steves.

Family members say Hall was living in Laguna Niguel and was on his way to work the morning of the  Driving north on Moulton Parkway in a Ford sport utility vehicle he allegedly ran through a red light at and collided with a Toyota SUV passing legally through the intersection.

In September, one of Mara's closest friends at  where Mara spent a lot of time, was principal .

"From a personal standpoint, Mara was bigger than life. She used to walk through the front door of the school office with boundless energy and she'd have us laughing within a half-second of seeing her," Scholl said. "I miss her infectious personality; I miss her opinions on our school because they always came from her heart as she was thinking about the kids; in all, I just miss Mara. The gifts that she gave to all of us and to our school will never be forgotten."

As for the Steves family—husband , Laguna Niguel Patch respected their privacy, and did not try to contact them directly on the approaching anniversary of her death.


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