4 More CUSD Coaches Implicated in Kickback Scheme

The Orange County Register learns names through public records request.

The names of four more coaches allegedly involved in a complicated kickback scheme have been released as a result of a public records request by the Orange County Register:

Four high school coaches in the Capistrano Unified School District accused of receiving $15,850 in coaches' apparel via an elaborate kickback scheme involving an athletic supply company were formally disciplined and reinstated last year, according to newly released district documents.

Tesoro High School wrestling and surfing coach Ken Workman and San Clemente High School assistant football coaches Ken Goldstone, Jeff Veeder and Joe Wood attempted to "distort" orders placed with now-defunct Lapes Athletic Team Sales of Laguna Hills and received "unauthorized purchases" from the company, according to written reprimand letters placed in their personnel files...

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Pam Sunderman May 01, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Lawrene, CUSD graduates attend many fine colleges, tech schools, and other training institutions after high school. Sports offers many more life skills than just physical fitness (which is itself a great preparation for life). We need many more extra curricular choices for students but we certainly do not need fewer sports.
Michael Huntley May 01, 2012 at 04:11 AM
They do pay a portion of my salary, which I assure you is much lower than it was last year and two years ago. The reason students are ill prepared for the real world is because high school is a joke. I had friends who barely went to school who graduated. The whole school system in this state is screwed up and many kids who graduate don't deserve to. And without sports the schools lose a lot of money. Profit from football games goes to ASB which spends some of it on sports but a lot of it on other activities for the students as well. I would also argue that sports are a MAJOR factor in school spirit and the high school experience.
College Planner May 01, 2012 at 04:27 AM
CUSD grads COULD do so much more...as MH stated, high school is a joke...the API that most schools brag about (not just CUSD) is far under "proficient" and while many seniors in high school may WANT to go to college, the truth is that most don't graduate from college...this is no slam on the students, or the teachers (or the coaches)...it is just that the priorities are not academics. And it shows. Sports may add to the "experience" but at what cost? Why are schools sacrificing the academics for "experience"? I see MANY parents who spend thousands on "sports programs", yet make excuse after excuse as to why their child cannot perform academically. What happened to the days when kids had to EARN the right to PLAY?
College Planner May 01, 2012 at 04:32 AM
I hear you Michael...many of us are making a LOT less than we did last year or the year before...yet are working harder. Yes, sports are a huge factor in HS spirit and experience...but who is better for it? Sports used to be a fun activity that taught teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline...now the coaches are getting caught doing what no role model should be doing...kids are swearing, bullying, and being disrespectful to...just about everyone... HS should be a training ground for life skills and learning... :).
Michael Huntley May 01, 2012 at 05:52 AM
I like that you brought that up. We used to have a thing when I was in high school called STS. Every Wednesday when I was in high school (2005-2009) we would push our practice back to night time and after school we would go to different classrooms to do our schoolwork and get tutoring if needed. If a player ditched STS they would be suspended for a quarter in the game or other punishments. Unfortunately because of budget programs this great program perished in 2007 and as a result team GPA has gone down. The GPA requirement to be eligible for sports is a 2.0 which most players meet. That being said one can earn a 2.0 GPA by basically just showing up to class


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