30 Dana Point Teachers Pink-Slipped

Educators at Dana Hills High School, which serves Laguna Niguel students, and two Dana Point elementary schools received layoff notices March 1.

Two dozen teachers at , four from R.H. Dana Elementary and two from Palisades Elementary School may not return next fall.

The chart below names the Dana Point schools and teachers who received layoff notices dated March 1.

The teachers fall into three categories: Permanent, meaning they have tenure; rehired/temp, which means they were previously either permanent or in a probationary period and laid off, then later rehired as a temporary employee; and temporary, meaning they work on one-year contracts.

To read why the district finds itself in this bind, and how this year's laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past, .

Dana Hills High School       Name  Year Hired  Status


Christopher Brady 2010 Temporary  Special Ed. (Mod/Severe)

Michael Brooks 

2009 Temporary Social Science/ Girls Lacrosse Head Coach

Brittany Casey


2007 Rehired/temp (SOCSA Dance/Advanced Drama/Musical Theater)

Craig Dunn 

2007 Rehired/temp Head Coach, Boy’s Track, Asst. Coach Boys Cross Country

Blair Dyer 

2006 Rehired/Temp Social Science

Steven Forbes 

2011 Temporary Special Ed.

Justin Green

2007 Rehired/temp Math, Head Coach Varsity Girls' Tennis and Boys' Tennis

Lindsey Hanscome 

2010 Temporary P.E., Coach of Dance Team

Natalie Hribar 

2004 Permanent Art (Digital Photography)

Abir Hussein

2010 Temporary French

Georgette Johnson 

2008 Temporary English, Head Coach, Girls' Swimming

David Luciani Jr. 

2008 Rehired/temp Art (Ceramics), Wrestling Coach

Candace Ploskina 

2008 Temporary English

Michael Rigby

2009 Temporary Math Todd Rusinkovich  2010 Temporary Math, Head Football Coach Timothy Sampson 2006 Rehired/temp English, Surfing Coach Krista Snow  2008 Permanent Art (Photography) Chau Tran  2002 Permanent Art (Drawing and Painting)

Danielle Wallace

2009 Temporary Social Science Michael Wigglesworth 2008 Temporary Social Science Sarah Willett  2010 Temporary Social Science Andrew Valderrama  2006 Rehired/temp English (Coach Boys’ Soccer)

Steven Wade

2002 rehired/temp Music  (Band & Colorguard Director)

Michael Young 

2007 Rehired/temp
Palisades Elementary School


Chelsea Kurtz 

2011 Temporary Special Ed. (Mod/Severe)

Nicole Summers 

2010 Temporary Early Childhood Special Education R.H. Dana Elementary School   Susan Paradise 2001 Rehired/temp Kindergarten Bonny Pitkin 2001 Rehired/temp Third Grade Andrea Semas  2003 Rehired/temp

Jennifer Stevens

2001 Rehired/temp First Grade


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