Laguna Niguel's Ziggurat: Location for Several Hollywood Movies

Officially called the Chet Holifeld Building in Laguna Niguel, did you know it has been on the Silver Screen more than once?

Did you know that the also referred to by many residents as "the Ziggurat," has made its way into quite a few Hollywood films?

The one-million square-foot building shaped like a pyramid was used in the 1995 movie Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman. It served as the exterior for the Center for Disease Control headquarters.

In 1975, it was featured in an ending scene of the Sci-Fi movie, Death Race 2000starring Sly Stallone and David Carradine. 

It was also home to the "Luckup Corp." in the 1983 movie, Deal of the Century with Chevy Chase.

Also, in 1978, it was used in the thriller, Coma with Michael Douglas and Geneviève Bujold. The film is about a young female doctor who notices, and uncovers an unnatural amount of comas occurring in her hospital.

Completed in 1971, the Ziggurat is located at the interesection of La Paz and Aliso Creek roads. You can't miss it thanks to it deep shade of mustard yellow. Its nickname is derived from its resemblance to a ziggurat, a Babylonian tower having the appearance of a terraced pyramid.

(Source: Laguna Niguel: The Legacy and The Promise)

Peter Schelden June 13, 2012 at 08:11 PM
OK, that does it. Now I've got to watch Death Race 2000.
Debbie L. Sklar June 13, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Pete: After I learned all those movies were made there, I became very intrigued. Hello, Netllix.


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