OCTA Awards Millions to Upgrade Local Streets

With city matching funds, $42 million in improvements is set for construction in 2013. Streets in Laguna Niguel are included in the renovations.

Cities, including Laguna Niguel, will see an influx of dollars to improve their streets and roads following the Orange County Transportation Authority board’s approval last week of funding for 54 projects.

In Laguna Niguel, the city will receive $412,725 for the La Paz Road pavement rehabilitation from Kings Road to Aliso Creek Road. With the city’s matching funds, the project totals $825,450, reports OCTA.

"Our residents understand the benefit of investing local dollars in transportation and because they renewed Measure M in 2006, we were able to capture millions of dollars in state funds,” said OCTA Chair also the mayor of Laguna Niguel. “This money will be matched with Measure M2 dollars and spread throughout the county to improve local streets and roads.”

Every Orange County city and the county will receive a share of $21 million for improvements that are expected to be under construction by the middle of next year. The projects range from street rehabilitation to pavement repair to a bicycle trail reconstruction.

Thirty-five Orange County agencies submitted applications for the funds, which are available through a grant program as part of the Proposition 1B bond that provides nearly $20 billion for transportation improvements throughout the state. The funds require dollar-for-dollar matching funds that must be provided through a local transportation sales tax, such as Orange County’s Measure M2.

Of the 87 applications that were submitted, 54 projects were approved by OCTA for funding. The projects need final approval from the state.

In Aliso Viejo, the city will receive $318,000 for the Aliso Creek Road rehabilitation project between Enterprise and Pacific Park Drive. With the city’s matching funds, the project totals $641,000.

Mitzy Malloy July 31, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Hopefully they will do a better job than they did on Yosemite and Aliso Creek in front of the Senior Center. It was resurfaced about a year ago and now cracking, and looks as though it is giving way.
Leonard Kinkade August 02, 2012 at 01:29 AM
It would make a lot of sense to restrict heavy commercial vehicles such as 18 wheelers etc. that currently use La Paz rd. from Aliso Creek to Crown Valley parkway. Make them use Alicia Parkway instead. This portion of La Paz, listed above, has slipped several times since the 1970's and it was because of the heavy traffic use, especially commercial vehicles. It is apparently a shorter route to the stores in Town Center. The city should post a weight limit on this portion of La Paz so we don't have to spend tax money to repair this road area again


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