Laguna Niguel City Manager to Continue Advising After Retirement

Although scheduled to step down Nov. 2., Tim Casey will continue on an interim basis after his retirement and will be paid $112 per hour.

After 22 years, City Manager, Tim Casey, will leave his full time position, but will continue on an interim basis after his retirement goes into effect Nov. 2. 

“It is somewhat bittersweet,” said Casey, who has served as the city's only permanent city manager since 1990 and announced his retirement in March. “I’ll be leaving as a full time employee with benefits on Nov. 1, which is also my 62nd birthday." 

He won't completely hang up his hat though, as he will work on a part time basis at  $112 an hour for three or four months until a replacement is announced, according to a contract approved by the City Council last week. 

In accordance with state's public employees retirement law, Casey will receive no other compensation or benefits for his interim duties, he said.

“It will be the first time in over 40 years that I will be a part time employee with no benefits and will pay Social Security," he said.

He will, however, receive retirement benefits that have accrued in his 22 years with the city. His salary in 2011 was $234,348 and included $39,922 in retirement benefits, $14,148 in health benefits and $42,715 in other compensation, according to the city’s web site.

California cities and government agencies have come under fire for rehiring retired workers who are drawing a pension, a practice known as double dipping. An amendment to the public employees retirement law requires cities only use retirees in temporary appointments requiring specialized skills. Under the law, Casey will be limited to working 960 hours in the temporary position for the fiscal year, he explained.

“I expect my actual hours to be far less than that during this short period of employment,” he added.

The city hired a recruiter to conduct a search, and find a replacement for Casey in March July, which has been ongoing.

“The Council met with the recruiter last week and received a status report on the search for a new City Manager. "She will meet again with the Council on Nov. 5.  At that point, we hope to identify those indviduals who will be invited for interviews with the new City Council after the November 6 election.”

“We’re hoping by the end of November these final candidates will be vetted and we can announce the new City Manager mid-January,” he said.

As for Casey, he hopes to enjoy his retirement by traveling with his wife, golfing and serving on the board of directors of a new non profit called The First Tee.

The First Tee is a national organization that uses golf instruction to teach nine core values …like honesty, integrity, courtesy, responsibility and respect… to youth from all backgrounds.

“It’s a new Orange County chapter,” he said. “I’m looking forward to being a part of it and helping to get it off the ground. I’ve been golfing since I was 12 years old and golf has played a big role in my own core values that have served me personally and professionally for my entire life."

Jerry Slusiewicz October 24, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Tim - Has done an excellant job guiding our city since its inception 23 years ago. For all those who love Laguan Niguel with its over 90% approval rating Tim is to be commended. The fact that he is volunteering to work on to advise the city until the new city council can be elected to then appoint a new city manager is helpful as we go through this transition from a brand new city into our next phase of development. Thank you Tim!


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