City Hall Now Open for Business!

After moving out of the old building, city employees took up residence at 30111 Crown Valley Pkwy. on Monday.

Today is a new day for city employees who took up residence at the new City Hall at the corner of Alicia and Crown Valley parkways at noon.

The building was lit up on Sunday night and appeared ready for workers to finally make it their home.

last week and into the new building at 30111 Crown Valley Pkwy.

Employees parked in the new parking lot, passed by the large courtyard fountain that was in full working order, then through the lobby doors and into their new offices.

Even City Manager Tim Casey got into the act by making sure the flags were hoisted in front of the building.

The estimated $22-million building was completed last week and a complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, speeches and other related activities.

For a closer look at what the new City Hall looks like


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