WATCH: Dramatic Rescue Of Teen Trapped In Sand

Boy was buried in the sand in Newport Beach for nearly 30 minutes when the hole he'd be digging collapsed.

A teenager was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after a hole he was digging at the beach caved in and lifeguards and firefighters had to rescue him.

Lifeguards got a report of a person trapped in the sand at 54th street at about 3:40 p.m., according to the the Newport Beach Fire Department. The teen had dug a five-foot-deep hole. He was completely buried when the sides caved in.

AFTERMATH: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die,' Buried Teen Says.

Lifeguards and firefighters responded, digging the teen out in about 27 minutes. As the teen was being rescued, paramedics provided care. Upon being extricated, the teen was taken to Hoag Hospital for further treatment, the release said, but he appeared to be in good condition.

A crowd that gathered at the site erupted in cheers when the boy was rescued and appeared to be OK.

The release advised against digging deep holes in the unstable sand.


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