Mara Steves Lifted Everyone's Spirits

Mara Steves, 48, was killed Sunday after saving a dog from traffic.

Whether she was working at one school in Laguna Niguel as an office manager or substituting at another, Mara Steves touched many lives.

The community is devastated by the loss and continues to mourn the 48-year-old mother, friend, and wife, who was killed Sunday morning after rescuing a stray dog. Principal Anthony Bogle of Crown Valley Elementary School, where Steves last worked as a substitute office manager, has drafted  a letter that will be e-mailed to parents through the school district's listserve.

Here is the letter:

Dear Parents,

It is with great sadness that I share news with you regarding Mara Steves, Crown Valley Elementary’s substitute office manager.  Mara passed away yesterday afternoon in a tragic and sudden accident.  Mara had many ties to the Laguna Niguel community; as well as being a parent at Bergeson Elementary, she was past PTA president. Mara also belonged to many social groups in the area and worked tirelessly for the good of all the children.

On Sunday, Mara was taking a walk and was doing a good deed by returning someone’s runaway dogs to their home when a car ran a red light, hit another car which hit Mara at the corner of Moulton and Nueva Vista in Laguna Niguel. Mara was bigger than life, always doing good deeds for others and serving our community.  Her energy was infectious and her love of life was beyond compare. The Crown Valley Elementary community mourns the loss of our friend, Mara, sending love and condolences to Mara’s beautiful family, especially her two children, Hannah and Jonathan and husband, John.  We will never forget Mara and the legacy that she left through out the community.

Given that Mara was relatively new to the staff at CVES, we have decided not to share the news of her passing with the students. However, if the children feel the need to talk or to express themselves about this incident, we do have a school psychologist available on campus to work with the teacher and the class.  If you feel that your child needs to talk with a counselor individually, please let me know.  I can be reached at 495-5115."

The reverse of this letter contains a document entitled “Ways Parents Can Help Their Children.” It may give you some insight should you decide to have a discussion with your child.


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