Free Fire Alert System for Deaf, Hard of Hearing Individuals

Alert system warns residents through visual and physical alarms.

National statistics have shown that people living with disabilities have a 14 percent increased chance of succumbing to fire in the home, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

OCFA is looking to lower that percentage by offering free fire alert devices for deaf and hard of hearing individuals living in multi-family units.

The device is designed to recognize the sound of the smoke alarm then alert people through a deep tone alarm, flashing lights and a vibration that shakes the bed.

"The OCFA is pleased to offer free fire alerting devices for the deaf and hard of hearing to keep our population safe from fires,” said OCFA Fire Marshal Laura Blaul. “These devices will provide peace of mind as well as extra ears for those who can’t hear their smoke alarms."

The device is able to ignore all other sounds at the same frequency of the smoke alarm.

OCFA staff and volunteers will perform the installation, while supplies last. Delivery should take place within four weeks. A smoke alarm inspection is included at the time of delivery.

To be added to the list to receive a device or for more information, call 714-573-6153 or 714-573-6200.


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