DFG Wardens Cite Lobster Stealing Suspect in Dana Point

Two wardens on a small boat patrol off Dana Point harbor Saturday night reportedly observed a small boat with no lights pulling commercial lobster traps out of the water.

Editor's Note: The following is a statement released by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Department of Fish and Game wardens cited a man for allegedly
taking lobsters from others’ traps and returned the lobsters,
including undersized lobsters, to the sea.

Two wardens on a small boat patrol off Dana Point harbor Saturday night
observed a small boat with no lights pulling commercial lobster traps
out of the water. When the wardens approached the 12-foot boat with four
men aboard and announced themselves as law enforcement, one man threw a
line with a commercial lobster buoy back into the water.

After an investigation wardens cited 42-year old Yanwu Li from Rowland
Heights (Los Angeles County) with four Fish and Game violations:
disturbing a commercial lobster trap belonging to another person,
fishing for lobster without a lobster report card in possession,
possession of undersize lobster and fishing without a valid fishing
license. The three other men are still suspects and may be charged at a
later date.

“The California Department of Fish and Game will aggressively pursue
and arrest any individuals stealing from commercial lobster traps,”
said DFG Lt. Eric Kord. “Theft from these traps directly takes from
the salaries of commercial fishermen, and puts the lobster fishery at
further risk since many trap robbers take anything they find from the
traps, including undersized lobsters.”

DFG has forwarded the citation to the Orange County District Attorney
to file charges. Each count carries penalties of up to a $1,000 fine and
up to six months in jail.

“Commercial fishermen spend thousands of dollars on vessels, permits,
trap gear, and bait to try and make a living off the lobster fishery
each season,” said Rodger Healy, a commercial lobster fisherman and
president of the California Lobster and Trap Fishermen’s Association.

“Those stealing from lobster traps completely circumvent the lobster
fishery management system and involve themselves in the illegal take of
a valuable resource.”

California spiny lobsters are crustaceans that are common from Point
Conception to Baja California. Lobster season generally opens the first
Saturday in October through about March 15 and is carefully monitored
and regulated.

California spiny lobsters are slow-growing animals that
biologists estimate take as long as seven years to grow to legal size.
Fishermen must have a valid California fishing license with an ocean
stamp, a lobster report card and a lobster gauge to measure for proper

minority whiteman October 09, 2012 at 06:58 AM
Big surprise...the name of perp says it all..did they check there green cards? Good job regulators..5th gen. AMERICAN


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