Aliso Niguel's Mock Car Crash Aims to Curb Drunken Driving

The simulated car crash was aimed at preventing Aliso Niguel students from drinking and driving.

students learned firsthand what a car crash looked like on June 10, the day before the senior prom.

Luckily, this crash was the school's annual mock car crash assembly, an event to promote awareness of the effects of

Aliso’s Associated Student Body worked with Friends Against Drunk Driving to put on the event. ASB’s commissioner of philanthropy Greg Williams led the event with organizer Steve Conciali, an emergency medical tech who now focuses on putting on such student-focused assemblies.

ANHS student actors Gaston Perez and Aurora Claire portrayed the main characters in the crash, and other drama department students were in the supporting roles. The goal was for students to see their friends in a situation that would have the greatest impact.

ASB member Kris Jati said, "Gaston did a great job. He made it seem so real. When being tested for alcohol, he had over 400 people watching his every step. He managed to catch the undivided attention of all of us. We all were wondering: Is he going to pass the test? He didn't, and even though many felt he deserved to go to prison for what he did, many also felt bad for him. His 'decision' would have put him in jail for several years, causing him to miss some of the best years of his life."

The event was scheduled the day before prom in an attempt to prevent drunken driving on prom night, traditionally a time of increased teen drinking. The crash was based on an actual crash, which occurred after prom several years ago.

The Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County’s Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol and O’Connor Mortuary participated in the assembly.

"I'm really proud of how well this went. All the organizations involved acted very professionally, and the entire event ran very smoothly. I'm happy to say that there were no car crashes as a result of drinking drivers after our prom, and myself and the actors know we may have saved lives," Williams said.


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