Will the World Truly End in 2012?

A local high school student offers commentary on the beginning of a new year, bound to be one-of-a-kind with the 'Mayan Doomsday' hysteria. Take our poll.

T-2 seconds, and blast-off.

Yet another year, already another time.  

If there’s one thing we can expect out of 2012, it’s craziness. Now, I do understand how broad that statement is, so allow me to elucidate.

We have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year: the Summer Olympics, held in the exquisite city of London; the possible election of Ron Paul, a congressman who believes three is the magic number [in terms of the number of presidential runs]; and the Mayan thing. About that.

Upon Jan. 1, 2012, we will be T-355 days from the Mayan Doomsday. To optimists, that means 355 more days of sunshine and green grass. To pessimists, that means 10 less days of 2012. To realists, that means nothing at all.

Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, there is not a lot to it. But it’s not only the intrinsic aspect, per se. This has the potential of causing global stock market crashes, resurgence in hippie movements, and the all too familiar return of “Your Neighborhood Prophet,” Harold Camping. Thousands might splurge via credit card prior to Doomsday and create huge credit card debt. Juveniles might skip school, losing precious minutes of their heavily valued education. CNN might take a day off.

We aren’t strangers to this sort of superstition. Almost a dozen years ago we were fretting over Y2K, terrified by the aligning of the New Millennium. Six years ago we dreaded June 6, 2006, having a faint recollection of the “Mark of the Beast.”

The funny thing is, people don’t realize how good of a marketing opportunity these crises offer. World Wrestling Federation took advantage of the Y2K debacle and introduced their new headline superstar “Y2J.” Played by Chris Jericho, Y2J lived out a successful career as a professional wrestler. John Moore released “The Omen” on 6/6/2006, tying in the “Mark of the Beast” theme to the fortunate date and grossing nearly $120 million worldwide. Also, worthy of mention is the 2012 movie directed by Roland Emmerich.

It seems all too familiar. In addition to the seasonal holidays we have (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) that provide a surge in market sales, pushing profits into the black, we now have occasional days hyped up by the media. How else do you explain a certain conquistador’s finding transforming into a global phenomenon?

All in all, it may be too late for speculation. The year 2012 has arrived and with it, all its distinct perks and challenges. As we wave goodbye to yesteryear, we greet the wonders of tomorrow, and live the moment of today. Whether or not life will end this year is up in the air, but it’s in our best interest to make sure it lasts. Happy New Year everyone. 


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