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What Was That Strange Sky Message Over Dana Point?

Patch editors and readers share their photos of unusual sightings over Laguna Niguel, Dana Point and elsewhere in coastal Orange County. Are they aircraft, unusual weather patterns, or even UFOs? You be the judge.

This strange and unreadable sky message shown above was captured over the weekend. And while the message was most likely nothing, other 

Whether you believe in UFOs or not, over the past few years, and apparently so has neighboring Dana Point.

Oh, and it was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened. Click for video here.

Laguna Niguel Patch reader and resident, Nancy Mac, dropped a note recently that said: "Last night 6/22/2012 at 12:40 a.m. as we turned onto our block in Laguna Niguel, CA. near Marina Hills/Hidden Hills we saw an orange/red bright light in the eastern sky traveling north. Has this been reported by anyone else?"

In Dana Point, there have been 14 sightings since 2007, according to UFOStalker.com.

So to not to exclude our Dana Point readers, here is a list of those sightings that people have reported seeing in the city known as: "the Whale Capital of the West."

Dana Point Sightings:

6/24/2012: We were walking tonight and saw a glowing red and orange light. It disappeared than reappeared, and then flew slowly for a few seconds than ascended up than disappeared! Capistrano Beach, California.

05/21/2012: Multiple UFOs grouped together zooming across skyline then ubruptly separating! Dana Point, California.

03/28/2012: Light over the ocean just off shore, hovered, then shot straight up into the air, hundreds of feet, then did fantastic maneuvers. Dana Point, California.

02/02/2012: Saw a glowing luminous disc swaying back and forth along the horizon near the ocean, and then it went up and repeated itself in diff. patterns, finally disappearing. Dana Point, California.

01/23/2012: Rectangular bar of bright white LED type lights, Dana Point, California.

11/29/2011: We saw this Glowing starlike ball hovering over the ocean. Than is started to go down like the sun,it was so bright it started to hurt my eyes just to look at it!!It also left a glow on the ocean water like the moon does on the ocean. It started to change colore like redish and orange and a glowing bluish white color. The light got bright and than it seemed to dim. There was allota aircraft in the area and boats in the harbor..I would think someone else saw this!! As it asended down and appeared to be moving farther and farther away,it turned redder!! Than it was like a little red dot than dissapered!!This is the 3rd time ive seen this object this year!!, Dana Point, California.

04/15/2011: Bright dot with arc like flare on both sides of it following behind, Dana Point, California.

02/26/2011: Enjoying my Jacuzzi and watched the finger nail shaped object fly by Dana Point, California.

02/17/2011: Thought it was another balloon, that how the aliens usually appear to me, Dana Point, California.

08/26/2010: Object appeared in photo, Dana Point, California.

10/01/2009: Two identical alien helicopters flyby, Dana Point, California.

10/01/2009: Two Army Tan elongated "Blackhawk Type" Helicopters fly-by. Dana Point, California.

02/26/2008: Traveling glowing across entire sky from south to north, Dana Point, California.

06/26/2007: Fast-moving bright white object heading toward ocean, Dana Point, California.

UFO Sighting Trends in Dana Point From UFO.Stalker.com:

  • The number of sightings are up 1 percent vs. the previous month.
  • The number of sightings are down 52 percent vs. the previous year.
Jodi Barber July 09, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Wow! Why not believe in it? I think its very cool to hear and witness!
Debbie L. Sklar July 09, 2012 at 05:54 PM
@Jodi: Agree.
Debbie L. Sklar July 09, 2012 at 05:54 PM
@Brian: great argument.
Mark July 09, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Actually, I think they are more identified than most of us know. Do yourself a favor and just do a search on say.."End times and UFOs" or "What does the Bible say about UFO's" Or just peak your curiosity and look up one Bible verse like 2 Thessalonians 2:9 Fortunately...or unfortunately (depending on where you put your faith) you are going to see an increase in these sightings as these times approach...as you already are. But don't take my word for it, research it yourself. I didn't write it, I am just a messenger.
Steve H April 28, 2013 at 03:32 AM
There are "platforms" up there every night, for want of a better word. With the naked eye they appear to be stars, but they are not. They are very high and must be huge. (Saw them here in Laguna Niguel, and then a day later in San Francisco. They were in their same positions. The move and gyrate, especially in the early evening. (You will need binoculars or better yet a telescope to "really" see them.) In fact last night around 9:30 there were also three reddish brown lights in the southwest sky. Two were moving together, and one was kind of heading east, it seemed. Believe what you want, but just go out and look at the nightime skies. Things are happening, and they are not airplanes or satellites, etc. Look for yourself, you don't have to believe me. I am just trying to expose them for whatever they are.(???)


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