Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Sunday Night Over Laguna Niguel

This eclipse will track over the city around 5:25 p.m. The moon will pass in front of the sun partially blocking the light of the sun.

As the a solar eclipse will be taking place around 5:25 p.m. This eclipse will track over us here in Laguna Niguel. The moon will pass in front of the sun partially blocking the light of the sun. In astrology eclipses signal big change and the week before an eclipse can bring us a sign of what that change might be.

Not everyone is affected by the eclipse this time. This particular eclipse is at 0 degrees of Gemini. So if you were born in the later degrees of Taurus or early degrees of Gemini you are under the influence of this eclipse. In other words, if you were born between the 17-24 of May, this is the strongest eclipse you've had in the last 18 years. But even if you were not born at that particular time you may still be affected. You may have a planet at 0 degrees of Gemini that will feel the power of the eclipse and the change it brings.

While eclipses do bring change they bring a change that is needed. You may feel stress during the process but a few months from now you'll be happy with the new direction your life has taken. So this week, as we approach the eclipse, think about what you're dissatisfied with? What is not working? What would you like to change if you could just figure out how? It's better when eclipse energy is near to be open to new ideas and new directions. Things you try to hold on to may slip from your fingers. Better to be ready with open hands and an open mind to grasp the new things that are coming.


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