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Woman in her 60s Perishes in Laguna Niguel Fire

POLL: Do You Believe in UFOs?

Our story about a recent sighting in Laguna Niguel has attracted a lot of comments about UFOs and the paranormal. We've posted some of the more interesting opinions and invite readers to take our poll on whether they are believers or not.

A apparently our ninth, has attracted a lot of the past few days. All kinds of comments and opinions have poured in, so we thought we'd share some of them here.

We would also like to know if you are a believer in UFOs or if you think they are a bunch of Take our poll and we will report the results.


Arianna: "People are nuts! There is no UFO! Obviously these people that reported seeing one have a vivid imagination."

Ted Sutton: "The are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the earth. The universe is larger than we can imagine. And buckle your seat belt, it is teaming with life! Intelligent life! And sky lanterns and LED balloons don't make right turns at 6,000 MPH. Get an education!"

Robert Hughes: "it was 1972,i was at a fast food resturant driving out of the driveway, i looked up, there was a row of mountains above me, and to my left ,suddenly there was a light, and faster than i could say it, faster than i could see it , it shot down this row of mountains, and suddenly shot up into the atmousphere into the universe leaving a huge plume of clouds beneath it, it was getting to be dark, and i was on holiday south of salt lake city, utah!!!"

Marie: "1984, Manila Philippines. Our house sits on top of a big hill. My sister and I share a big room, with windows on 2 sides of our room. About 8pm, playing with my cousins, and only a lamp on, we saw a bright object in the sky which we thought was an airplane. Suddenly, the lit object dropped fast but remained in the sky. We thought this could be a helicopter and not an airplane. But then, it rose up and down again! Finally, it took off so fast heading right across the sky and disappeared. Just like in Star Trek when the ship goes on warp speed. We will never forget that experience..Marie at 17"

Fran Hender: "Dear Debbie, I have had contact with them yes they are here and been here, and soon will take over, Have you noticed how the world is getting darker and dimmer lights on the streets with so much crime. aliens are no longer in the dark country roads but in our open skies."

Debora Terrazas: I was born and raised in Roswell, NM. We natives of Roswell, grew up learning and believing in UFO's. The other thing we learned is that we don't discuss UFO's bec.ause the military could make you and your family disapper. Now we talk about it all the time. And yes I have seen the lights in the sky. Amazing!"

Dan Juric: San Diego downtown approximately 5 yrs. ago in close proximity to the HornBlower by the shipyard. I saw a probe. White shaft like flying object with approximately 4 sets of "wings" from front to the back of its body. It had skeletal features ("almost looked like a vertebrate") and was about 30 ft. away from me. It was flying following the path of the ocean coast. I felt its power, i heard its "wings" flapping through the air at a very high frequency. My date was awe-stricken and I stood in silence out of fear of getting this objects attwntion. The thing looked to be about 3-4 feet in length. Btw i am an engineer at The Boeing Company. Ive been around airplanes all my life as my uncle was a pilot for the United States Airforce. Nothing could describe this object....Any thoughts? In my opinion we are definately being observed."

BTD: I have seen the Marina Hills/Beacon Hill "UFO" on at least four occasions. At first it looked quite remarkable as a saucer shaped object darting back and forth across the sky with bright multi-color lights. I then recalled an article in the Orange County Register a few years back discussing a local inventor who was selling remote control UFO's. What I have seen looks exactly as that described in the article. I can definitely say that this is not a large object (3'-4' circumference). I live on the canyon in Marina Hills and the object emanates from the Beacon Hill area. It will travel over the homes in Beacon Hill and the canyon, then go back into the Beacon Hil area towards the same area it came from. It looks pretty..."

Alex Pina: "voretx in the general area these craft have been spotted since the 1800's in laguna the toll road that was paved thru burial grounds is another hot bed for entities."

Grace Higbee: "intreresing. My Mother while at the General Hospital in Salt Lake City, was with her Mother who had, had cancer surgey, at that time was when we didn't have migs,jets etc. The time in the late thirties, and early 40,s. she looked out the window and saw three fast saucers fly away. speed that they didn't have in the air yet. she didn't know what she had seen. It wasn't untill the late 50's and the 60's that she knew just what she had seen."

Terry: "Last year I was on the freeway with m teen daughter and she started yelliing for me to give her my phone.I looked to my right and there was this large figure with a stream of lights on the bottom of it hovering over the 91 fwy. I only caught a few quick glances because I was driving on the freeway but my daughter saw it for several minutes. She kept snapping pictures with my camera phone but not one was captured. I never thought much of ufos before maybe they existed maybe they didn't bur my mind was changed that evening. We saw something and cannot explain what."

Laurance Kenneth Robinson March 16, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Shouldn't it ask 'I believe in Alien Spacecraft'? As UFOs and Alien Spacecraft are not the same thing. This is why UFOlogy is laughed at because everyone shouts UFOs and Aliens as one and the same thing without looking at any other possibility.
Billy March 20, 2012 at 09:06 PM
I not only believe in them - I saw one hovering over the Encino Hills a couple years ago in the middle of a warm, clear blue day while driving south towards Ventura Blvd. from magnolia on havenhurst ! Truth - it was very cool, saw it with my then girlfriend for about 5 minutes before it disappeared.
Debbie L. Sklar March 20, 2012 at 10:48 PM
@Billy: Sounds like it was an experience you won't soon forget.
Debbie L. Sklar March 20, 2012 at 10:49 PM
@Laurance: Interesting take.
mkresponds April 16, 2012 at 06:47 AM
As an Air Force officer and in Jan 1983, I was assigned to an Air Force Base where there was highly classified work going on. I had clearnce that were catagorized as Top Secret with acess to some speical compartmented information because of my work. Working on a project I came across documents that a senior ranking officer had carelessly left with docs I was reviewing for my work. The documents referenced a highly classified black project which apparently has the highest classification possible by the US government. It referred to an organization that exsists for the purpose of retrieving crashed alien space craft and any occupants alive or dead that are present from anywhere in the world that the US can get access to. The US apparently has been doing this since the early 40's according to the docs. Also the doc referenced previous crashes and left the impression there have been a good number of craft and occupants retrieved, both dead and alive. When I brought to the attention of my superiors who have much higher clearance than I, that these docs were together, he went basllistic. I was ordered never to mention whatever I read for the rest of my life. It was the only time in my career I was ever chewed out, even though it was not my fault. Later another officer of higher rank told me they knew I was not at fault but wanted to impress upon me how serious this was. The senior officer who really made the error was reassigned not long there after all of a sudden.


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