Police Blotter 2012: Weird, Wacky, Crazy and Sometimes, Hard to Believe

Crime calls in Dana Point and Laguna Niguel ranged from alleged nanny cams and teeth removal to stolen cooking grease at KFC.

If you thought Dana Point and Laguna Niguel were sleepy towns, you haven't been reading our CSI, crime blotters this year.

In 2012, both cities saw alleged incidents including a man stealing cooking grease from a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a dentist who possibly removed teeth without a patient's knowledge and a mom who discovered a hidden nanny cam.

Other odd calls included reports of loud noises in bedrooms, a man who said 'penis' graffiti was racist, a woman who alleged she was beat up at Jacuzzi and several alleged attacks with high heels.

Here is our list of the strangest of the year:

  • Woman Says Brother Held Captive in Rehab Facility
  • Man's Ex Allegedly Enters Home Possibly Via Doggie Door
  • Kids Try to Trick Drivers with Cardboard Cat
  • Man Steals Grease From KFC
  • Wife Threatens Husband with Large Spoon
  • Girl Allegedly Humps Trash Bins Near Intersection
  • Neighbor Refuses to Return Patio Set
  • Man with Buzzed Head Using Women's Showers at Local Pool Facility
  • Pet Owners Continue Using Church Restroom for Pets
  • Dentist Possibly Removes Teeth Without Permission
  • Woman Bangs Pole on Pedestrian Bridge
  • Neighbor Allegedly Leaves Chicken Carcass on Doorstep
  • Woman Lights Paper Lanterns on Fire At Baby Beach
  • Suspicious Man Dressed As 'Spider-Man' Spotted at Foodmart
  • Man Found Sleeping Under Christmas-Like Tree Near Local Bar
  • Mom Allegedly Beats Child Near Grocery Store
  • Woman Says Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Threatens to Post 'Porn' Video Online
  • Kiss Attempt Leads to Arrest
  • Husband Hides Backpack From Wife
  • Carpet Cleaner Allegedly Hits Woman on Buttocks
  • Woman in Underwear Stuck on Fence at Aloma Apts.
  • Group Decides to Use Couch As Firepit
  • Wife Wants to Kick Hubby Out For Playing Video Game
  • D.P. Marina Inn Employee Allegedly Threatens Guest With 6-Inch Stiletto
  • Man Allegedly ‘Steals’ Cigarettes For Minor
  • Fake Facebook Party Draws Juveniles to Empty House In Laguna Niguel
  • Suspect Steals Back Door Off of Truck
  • Bees Bug Customers Near Home Depot
  • Suspicious Male Wearing Beanie Wanders Around Laguna Niguel
  • Female Passenger Claims She Has No Money For Cab Fare in Laguna Niguel
  • Subjects Playing ‘Dodge the Car’ and Jumping the Fence
  • Male on Sidewalk Playing With Stick
  • Woman Demands Visit from Fire Department After Cutting Toenails
  • Man Smoking and Making Inappropriate Gestures at Drivers
  • Man Snooping in Neighbors’ Yards
  • Resident Concerned About Neighbor’s Parenting
  • Man Threatens Resident at Salt Creek Beach Over Picking Up Dog Waste
  • Customer Threatens to Sue Car Wash Company
  • Man Reports Neighbor Assaulted His Dog with Hose in Dana Point
  • Man Smells Marijuana at Dana Point Home
  • Wife Cuts Husband’s Hand with Knife in Domestic Dispute in Dana Point
  • Drunk Man Allegedly Swings Ax at Resident After Verbal Dispute
  • Dana Point Homeowner Doesn't Like Neighbor's Tree Trimming Techniques
  • Laguna Niguel Lawns Vandalized
  • Resident Backs Car into Water Pipe
  • Flaming Bottle Thrown at Laguna Niguel Home
  • Woman Throws Plates at Employees at Fratello’s Restaurant
  • Neighbor Allegedly Steals Cable From Box in L.N.
  • Realtor Allegedly Climbs Through Window of ‘For Sale’ Home in Dana Point
  • Juveniles Throw Water Balloon at Passing Car
  • Burglar Tries to Break in with Pine Cone
  • Neighbor Pranks Resident While Barbequing
  • Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Vandalizes Former Girlfriend's Home
  • Suspects Hacked Bush to Score View of Fireworks
  • Neighbor Wanders Around Backyard in The Nude
  • Juveniles Sling Rocks at Beachgoers in Dana Point
  • Mom’s Snoring Too Much For Her Daughter
  • Suspect Breaks Bonsai Branches With ‘Malicious’ Intent
  • Woman Reports ‘Weird’ Occurrences In Home
  • Man Receives Suspicious Phone Call About Blowing Up His Home
  • Caller’s Neighbor Allegedly Uses Racial Slurs
  • Woman on Bicycle Rifles Through Mailboxes
  • Cat Fight: Woman Allegedly Takes Swing in Pool Area
  • Can't Control Your Kids? Don't Call Cops
  • Mom Discovers Nanny Cam in Child's Stuffed Animal
  • Man Threatens to Kill Over Cowboys Football Jersey
  • Men Throw Crates at Each Other in Laguna Niguel
  • Sister Hits Brother with Her High Heels
  • Possibly Mentally Ill Man Yells Outside Ralphs
  • Man Reports He Is Worried for His Life and Dog's
  • Renter Spits on Landlord Over Verbal Dispute
  • Gardener Throws Tool At Boss's Leg
  • Man Wants Carpet Cleaner Back
  • Child Falls from Second-Story Window in Laguna Niguel
  • Transient Makes Home in Elevator
  • Youths Allegedly Steal and Smash Pumpkins in Street
  • Children ‘Play’ on Elementary School Roof
  • Man Says 'Penis' Graffiti Is Racist
  • Female Alleges She Was Beat Up at Jacuzzi

Stay tuned in 2013, as we continue our popular CSI reports.


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