Poetry Is Student's Passion

Julia Moss, 12, of Laguna Niguel is a seventh grader who likes to write poetry as often as possible. See her first entry to Laguna Niguel Patch and tell her what you think in comments.

(Editor's Note: This poem was submitted by Julia Moss, 12, of Laguna Niguel, a seventh grade student at Don Juan Avila Middle School.) 

My Paper Due Monday

This is the paper due by next Monday.

What’s the rush, it’s only Wednesday.

I’ll do it after I play with my clay.

And after I go out to practice baseball

And after I buy some pants at the mall

And after I see a movie with a friend.

Oh yeah, today I have a card to send.

Now it’s Sunday, so I still have a night.

I’ll do it after my dad’s wrestling fight.

Now I just have some sleep to get.

I’ll do it at 7—my alarm’s set.

So that paper and me—we never met.

And trust me—I paid a huge debt.


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