Newest 'Mission: Impossible' Is Impossible to Resist

"Ghost Protocol" is a worthy successor to the "Mission: Impossible" series. Tom Cruise's spectacular performance has enough free-fall thrills to satisfy the action-lover for life.

“Shut up, and take my money” should be your anthem this weekend, as you rush to the box office of your local theater to see the newest and best installment of the Mission: Impossible series. Words simply cannot convey how brilliant and captivating this newest film is, and I pledge Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will have you gripping your chair, holding your breath, or otherwise anxious as Tom Cruise and his team of unstoppable mercenaries save the world once again.

Like its predecessors, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is complex and is balanced with a heavy amount of action. If you should find yourself answering e-mails while in the theater, there’s a good chance you will lose out on the plot—and that would be a travesty because this film deserves your full attention. I’ll give you a quick run-down of the story, but as I said before, words cannot do MI – Ghost Protocol justice. 

In the first scene, IMF agent Trevor Hanaway (Josh Holloway) is racing across the rooftop of a building in Budapest with some precious cargo he stole from a courier. Behind him, his pursuers are firing off rounds, narrowly missing Hanaway as he skydives off the roof of a building, turning to face his pursuers, and he squeezes off two well aimed rounds at their chests. And just before Hanaway is to hit the asphalt, an air pillow explodes underneath him, breaking his fall. Hanaway collects himself, turns the corner, and is shot dead by an assassin. The first scene is over, and we cut to Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), who six years later is now imprisoned in a Moscow prison. His crime? In an act of revenge, Ethan killed an entire Serbian hit squad that killed his wife, Julia.

After a dangerous and potentially life-threatening escape, Ethan is reunited with two other IMF agents: Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), the “tech guy” by all acounts, and Jane Carter (Paula Patton). Together, they are tasked with infiltrating the Kremlin, Moscow’s center of political operations, where it’s believed they can identify whom the cargo—Russian nuclear launch codes—was intended for.

Despite their cool gadgets and neat tricks in infiltrating the Kremlin, things go horribly wrong when an enemy group successfully plants and blows up the Kremlin. The Russians blame the Americans, and now the IMF becomes “disavowed.”

If I may, I’ll simply shorten it down to this: this same enemy group that blew up the Kremlin now has Russian launch codes, and it’s up to the IMF, now branded a terrorist organization, to prevent a nuclear war. Their efforts entail infiltrating a secret computer lab underneath a millionaire’s mansion in India, as well as facilitating the sale of fake launch codes to an enemy group in the world’s tallest building (in Dubai).

Don’t be fooled into not seeing this film. Whether you like action, or you like back-story and development, this movie has it all. It’s probably one of Tom Cruise’s best action flicks to date, and in my opinion, trumps the previous Mission: Impossible films. Also, if you liked the score of the previous films, you’ll enjoy this film’s re-take on some classic tunes.

Local film critic, Aaron Neuwirth, of WhySoBlu.com, said, "Ghost Protocol is a blast. The action in this movie (especially in the IMAX format) does justice to the title 'Mission: Impossible.'"

In all, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is one of the better action films I’ve seen in years, and it tops the list on 2011’s must-see-films for the year. See it.

Resident Sharon Reynolds said she saw the movie earlier in the day and that it "is by far the best of the series yet."

Her friend Jarrod Miller agreed and said he planned on seeing it again because he "loved teh storyline and the constant action."

Five Patches out of five. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is playing in a few theaters near Laguna Niguel. Also fresh out this week is ‘Young Adult’.


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