McDonald’s Reveals Big Mac's 'Secret Sauce,' Residents Say They Won't Try at Home

The video posted on McDonald's Canadian YouTube channel shows how the sauce and the burger can be prepared at home by the chain's executive chef. Laguna Niguel residents say they'd rather buy it already made.

There are some things that should stay under wraps: what your salary is, what your monthly mortgage payment is and some fast-food recipe secrets.

I was amazed by a recent YouTube video that appeared online that gives viewers the opportunity to see how that “special sauce” on one of America’s all-time favorites is made.

Sure we have known many of the ingredients in McDonald's famed Big Mac burger for years. Who can forget the famous jingle: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions -- all on a sesame seed bun? 

But it turns out that the special sauce and the secret recipe of the Big Mac isn't a secret any longer. The video posted on McDonald's Canadian YouTube channel shows how the burger is made. 

Yep, you can watch as McDonald's Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut makes the burger in the comfort of his own kitchen in the video.

He adds a bit of this a bit of that, and voila!, the secret sauce is ready. And if that isn't enough, he also shares how to actually make a Big Mac itself -- at home. 

While I haven’t had a Big Mac in years, I’m not so sure this was such a good idea. I mean, why share it now and why do we need to know? Really how many of us are going to make a Big Mac at home? And if we did, would it really taste like a Big Mac? No, right?

I headed down to the McDonald's at 30305 Golden Lantern in Laguna Niguel, and asked a few patrons if they would ever make the sauce or the burger at home.

John McNaughty, a Laguna Niguel resident, who was having some fries and a Coke, said it is: “easier to come to McDonald's, and order one,” the same way he’s been doing it for years.

Another guest, Melissa Landau, who was just leaving after breakfast, agreed that she wouldn’t make the sauce at home or the burger.

“I’ve known for years that it basically is a form of Thousand Island dressing, which is fine, I do like it, but I wouldn’t bother to make it at home. I'd probably pass on making the burger, too, it wouldn't have the same taste I don't think."

So now that McDonald's has revealed its special secret sauce, is it also going to show us how it makes those great golden fries?

Something tells me, that won’t be any time soon. What are your thoughts? Will you watch the video and whip up a Big Mac at home?

There are four McDonald's locations in our neck of the woods:

30305 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel

27470 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Niguel

27331 La Paz Road, Laguna Niguel

34277 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point


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