Life Is a Beach

Where to find a quiet place to gather you thoughts and enjoy some beautiful surroundings, not far from home.

Kids are back to school and in the swing of the morning and afternoon routines. Quarterly report cards come out soon. Tax extensions are done.  Work is always a hassle. Breast cancer awareness month has passed, and I have not even made my annual mammography appointment.

Trying to keep up with the house, the dog and everyone else...not to mention carpool…and I ask myself, why I was so excited for school to start again? 

I have discovered one escape that I must share. It’s the beach!  I do not know why it took me so long to discover its therapeutic effects, but it is the perfect place to regain perspective. Everyone who lives here has their favorite beaches, but few have the time to truly enjoy them. While I love Salt Creek Beach, I am too lazy to walk up the huge hill. Instead of hauling myself back to the car panting and sweating, when stressed I decide to go where a bathroom is nearby and the walk is flat.

I personally like Aliso Creek Beach just south of the Montage. At the very end of the parking lot just beyond the renovated snack shack is a little cove that is simply beautiful. It is sheltered by a small cliff and looks almost like a private beach. At night it is a great place to build a bonfire.

The last couple of months have been more than hectic. I found myself looking to escape and had nowhere to go. That is when I picked up a latte from and drove toward the ocean.  Sitting in my sweatshirt, I called my friend in the Midwest. While chatting I realized how lucky we are to live here, where the surroundings are beautiful. My friend is going through cancer treatments and fighting horrible weather just to see her doctor. 

When I hung up I realized that life could be much more stressful.  After all, I don’t have to shovel snow off my car before I go somewhere and my family is healthy.

I took a deep breath of crisp ocean air, cleared my head and said a prayer for my friend.

Maybe life is not so bad.


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