Cinépolis Makes for a Fun Night Out

More than a place to see a movie, this new theater also offers a variety of food fare.

Going out for dinner and a movie just became a lot easier with the new  Unlike most theaters, there is no ticket window on the outside and no one taking your ticket as you enter. Customers walk right into a dining area with a sleek and modern feel. There is a full bar located on the left with backlighting behind the colorful bottles, which is a nice touch.

Over the bar is a huge television composed of six screens, that was showing a sporting event. Along the back wall is a counter for ordering candy and other movie fare. To the right is an area for purchasing movie tickets. Interestingly, customers are asked to choose the specific seats they would like to sit in based on an electronic diagram which shows which seats are already occupied. We thought this was a good feature.

Once we secured our tickets, we went to the back counter to choose something to eat, but were encouraged to go directly into our theater to order. As we entered the theater, we were impressed with the layout. The aisles in front of each row are quite wide, giving a feeling of spaciousness. Large, leather recliners are grouped in pairs, with two little glass tray tables and lamps located between the pairs. Each table has drink and food menus. We sat down in our seats, and immediately found the large button that lets you adjust the chair.

After finding the perfect settings, we checked out the menu. There are a variety of wines, most sold by the glass or the bottle. There are some nice choices, including Artesa Caneros Chardonnay, Rosenblum Red Zinfindel and Francis Coppola Cabernet. Other offerings include beer, a few sparkling wines, champagne and sake.  In addition, there are a few specialty drinks, including a Skinny Margarita, the Cinépolis Magnificent Margarita and a variety of fun martinis.

The food menu is made up of a lot of appetizers that can be eaten separately or combined to make a meal along with some entrees.  Items range from three types of sushi rolls, edamame, chicken tenders, teriyaki skewers, mini corndogs, onion rings, a hummus plate, an artisan cheese and meat plate, salads, flatbread pizzas, wraps, and Paninis. Finally, there is a menu of hot and cold espresso drinks and some very tempting desserts.

When we were ready, we pushed the button, and our waiter quickly appeared. We placed our order with him. The movie had not yet started. He brought our drinks soon after, and then our movie began. As we enjoyed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, my husband had a beer and I had a very tasty iced mocha, which was prepared with nonfat milk, just as I had ordered. We were there on a Saturday night, and it did take 45 minutes for my husband’s turkey Panini to arrive. It was very good though, on ciabatta bread, served warm, with his choice of cheese. With the wide aisles, it was not disturbing for the waiter to bring in food, and I think we all felt very pampered, with our footrests, and good food and a heartwarming movie.

Because I had not wanted to disturb everyone in the theater taking pictures of the food during the movie, we decided to go back and eat in the dining area a few days later, to get some photos. We arrived in the early evening and only one movie was playing, but the waitress said it was fine to come in just for dinner. We were already familiar with the menu and wanted to try a variety of things, to see what we liked best.

My husband chose a Manhattan with his choice of bourbon and I selected the Watermelon Candy martini to start. They looked great and were surprised to find that the glassware was really plastic. The drinks were good, and my martini tasted exactly like a Jolly Rancher candy and was a fun treat.

I ordered the Caprese salad and my husband chose the short rib sliders. Instead of fries, he went with the edamame. Our food came quickly, and our waitress was friendly. The sliders came as a trio looked great with lettuce and tomato for garnish. The meat was tender and slightly sweet and was served on tasty, soft hamburger buns. My salad was topped with parsley and pesto. The edamame was served warm came with soy sauce.

We luckily saved room for dessert. Based on our server’s recommendation, we chose the Lava cake. It came beautifully presented with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and was really delicious.

The overall Cinépolis experience was great. The food ranges from average to quite good and I would definitely recommend Cinépolis for a fun night out.

I give the overall experience 4 Patches out of 5.


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